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Hello May. Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

So anyone else not have a single clue what day it is anymore? Regardless hello May? I guess. I have a new free downloadable freebie for you. I hope everyone is healthy and safe and staying at home.

I’ve been working from home and sheltering in place for… five? six weeks now? Really I’m serious about how weird the dates feel. April was an invisible month I feel like. Anyone else?

Life is hard man. I’m sure you all feel it too. It’s a lot to bear all at once. We are survivors though. We are strong- swaying with the changes around us. I always thought the idea that being strong being related to steel and metal and a semi inaccurate picture. Strength to me seems to really show itself when you can sway and flex with the storm going on around you- that you don’t snap and splinter with any storm.

Life is still good though. We have this family time that we’ve been soaking up as we’ve been settling into this new home. And this home we’re building together is good.

Click through for the download links. As always FYI- they are just images that you just save to your device to then make your wallpaper. :)

Free April 2020 Downloads

Free May 2020 Wallpaper


CalendarQuote | Pattern

CalendarQuote | Pattern

CalendarQuote | Pattern

Free May 2020 Wallpaper


CalendarQuote | Pattern

Free May 2020 Wallpaper


iPhone 8
CalendarQuote | Pattern

iPhone X
CalendarQuote | Pattern

NOTE: Feel free to download for your own personal use, but you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way. I’d be grateful and delighted if you share on your own blog, but please direct your readers to this post to download the file.

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