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Hello October! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Hello October! It’s a few days late but here’s the free October calendar download with some slightly spooky vibes for the month’s festivities. It’s finally starting to show signs of fall! It was a little chilly and rainy today and yesterday- and it wasn’t 80 degrees. I’m ready for it. I have baby girl’s costume…

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Hello September! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Hello September! Hello to school getting started and fall coming in soon! It’s still very hot here and I’m ready for fall… mainly for all the fall styles that come with it. My summer has been a crazy blur. Work has been nuts… and life has been nuts. Baby girl is almost one year old!!!…

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Doodles of Space.

Here are some simple doodles of space… that are not scientifically accurate (just so we’re clear). Sometimes I sit on my couch with my iPad and can’t think of anything to draw I ask my hubby for inspiration. And usually he says something like a rocket… or Saturn… or an asteroid. So that’s what I…

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Hello August! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Hello August! Hello to the end of summer! Everyone surviving this hot summer? My new office is blasting the HVAC on high (to the point where I need sweaters for my work day) so I’ve been a little sheltered from the heat. Baby girl is almost eleven months old and I can’t believe it. She’s…

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