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There are Far Better Things.


I had a… challenging week last week. I’m really close to my family- my whole big, gigantic family and as a family we went through some really difficult stuff.

Some of it is really delicate stuff- so I will keep the specific details quiet. I feel angry and frustrated and confused over a lot of it. I know this sounds really cryptic and (possibly) annoying- but this past week has been so difficult and so confusing. I don’t want to name any names or point any fingers- so you’ll just have to forgive me. I want to remain above reproach among those attacking my family.

What we (me and my family) are holding onto is the fact that once we are through this horribly painful time things can only be better. (C. S. Lewis is an incredible inspiration isn’t he?) For my uncle the past four years have been so difficult and straining- that the events of this past week can only bring better things.

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