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Sorry I didn’t post yesterday- it was a quality versus quantity situation. I spent almost all day (apart from the time I was actually… working) working on a bit of a redesign to the site. Nothing major – but truth be honestly told my coding skills are modest ones. So I like to be careful when doing any sort of redesign. :)

Anyway- today is definitely weekly check-in for my weigh in. I’m changing pace a little- because I have been tired of stepping on the scale. I feel great about myself and wanted to take a little break from the scale. So I’m just going to do a little summary of what has happened so far and what I’m still aiming for when I finally decide to step back on the scale (which should be soon).

*just in case you don’t feel like doing math… which is cool. I avoid math too.

I have lost nine pounds and I can feel… I feel like I have done something beyond losing a pound or too. I have changed my eating habits in such a way that I didn’t lose weight by cutting how much food I ate- I lost weight by eating healthier food. I always felt afraid that would never be able to accomplish a healthier diet that the call of boredom snacking and red velvet cakes would make me give up on the diet. :)

But I did it.

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