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Doodles of Space.

Here are some simple doodles of space… that are not scientifically accurate (just so we’re clear). Sometimes I sit on my couch with my iPad and can’t think of anything to draw I ask my hubby for inspiration.

And usually he says something like a rocket… or Saturn… or an asteroid. So that’s what I drew!

I- myself- have always been into space. One of my favorite teachers in elementary school loved space and really inspired a fascination with the stars. Plus, I grew up in a really tiny town- so the stars were crystal clear and breathtaking every night.

I would star gaze during summer nights from our trampoline. During the winter I knew I would be able to see the Orion constellation from my bedroom window.

I don’t get to stargaze as much anymore since I live in the city- but now I get to show off how amazing the night skies are to my hubby when we head back to my parent’s home. ✨

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