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Year in Review. Goodbye 2018.

Farewell, two-thousand eighteen- welcome welcome two-thousand nineteen. I’m pretty relieved to say farewell honestly. Last year feels like a blur. The year of being pregnant… and recovering from pregnancy (in all honesty I’m still recovery- but that feels like splitting hairs).

The wonderful thing those is while it was a long, unusual year it started something beautiful and exciting. I have loved every second of watching my baby girl grow- she offers so much more to life that it is hard to describe. I’m ready though for the normalcy that this new year offers- this is year is the year of settling into what it will be like as a family of three.

I’m rejecting the resolutions thing again this year and I’m going to continue documenting my favorites. This is a reflective post- a reminder of what I have. Gratitude is always the better way forward I believe.

My Current Favorites

My baby girl’s smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen- the way her face lights up melts away all troubles.

That same simple latte my hubby makes me every morning before work is my favorite part of my drive into work.

My new bento box full of leftovers of whatever deliciousness my hubby cooked up for us the previous night (it’s often vegan and amazing).

I could still cook up salmon patties with potatoes almost every day- there are rarely any leftovers to take to work the next day.

I track my work life in my own pseudo-bullet journaling style in a beautiful, simple little notebook that makes me feel organized and on top of things. This is the notebook if you are interested.

On that note- I love my extravagant little fountain pen and take it with me to all my meetings. This is the pen if you are interested.

I suppose on another similar note- I’m rather fond of big stacks of books, especially beautiful leather covered books.

I discovered Great British Baking Show while I was pregnant and I’m slightly obsessed (it got me through the overwhelming first weeks of motherhood when I could barely leave the couch).

Still corny but even better now, sleeping in on a Saturday cuddled up against my husband with baby girl in the middle is pretty much perfection.

I never knew hopped tea was a thing until recently- but it is magical. It satiates my beer cravings in this dry season of my life. This here.

The new Mumford & Sons album has been added into my repeat list that also includes Lord Huron, Hozier, and Fleetwood Mac.

I have three items in my closet that I have to stop myself from wearing all the time- my leather ankle boots, my green utility jacket, and my high rise button fly jeans.

They still offer free La Croix (and now offer Bubly) at my office. It is still work day bliss and fuels my flavored sparkling water addiction.

My two simple tattoos give me so much joy- one is for my husband and one represents my first baby. I’m planning a third one for my baby girl.

Now, this list doesn’t undo my favorites from last year– check out that list too if you please.

photo by: hannah grace via unsplash

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