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Hello January! Hello 2019! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

free January 2019 download wallpaper

Hello two-thousand nineteen! Goodbye two-thousand eighteen! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and welcomed in the new year with family and friends. We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three and are excited for what this new year brings. It has been pretty awesome to watch her grow and develop these past four months.

I’m looking forward to maybe a less eventful year? But hopefully one super full. This little baby girl of mine has just brought so much more into our lives- watching her grow seems like the perfect plan for this year. On the professional front- my work is moving to a brand new building in a whole new location which brings a whole slew of changes of course- new commute and routine (still doesn’t feel as eventful as having a baby- so its still be categorized as just a ‘little’ event).

I’m going to try to post a little bit more- I kind of miss this little blog. The psuedo-break was nice while I was pregnant- but now I’m ready to play around here more again.

On that note- I have a brand new style of downloadable wallpapers for the new year. I’m rather proud of myself for getting this ready (relatively) on time- it helped to have down time over the holidays and lots of family around to help with sweet baby girl. I hope you like my new style I’m playing with- but I have a simplier style available as well if you want less confetti. So there are even more options available now. :)

free January 2019 download wallpaper for smart devices

Click through for the download links. Oh and FYI- someone asked me if these would work on their Android device and I’m pretty sure they will- they are just images that you can save to your device to then make your wallpaper. :)

Free January 2019 Downloads

free January 2019 download wallpaper for desktop
• Free January 2019 Wallpaper • Desktop


CalendarQuote | Pattern Simple Calendar  |  Simple Quote


CalendarQuote | Pattern Simple Calendar  |  Simple Quote

free January 2019 download wallpaper for tablets
• Free January 2018 Wallpaper • Tablet

CalendarQuote | Pattern Simple Calendar  |  Simple Quote

free January 2019 download wallpaper for phones
• Free January 2019 Wallpaper • iPhone

iPhone 8

CalendarQuote | Pattern Simple Calendar  |  Simple Quote

iPhone X

CalendarQuote | Pattern Simple Calendar  |  Simple Quote

Other Products Available

What? New section? Yep- check it out!

NOTE: Feel free to download for your own personal use, but you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way. I’d be grateful and delighted if you share on your own blog, but please direct your readers to this post to download the file.

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  • Avatar
    Shanea Lee
    January 1, 2019 at 10:45 am

    Hello, I am trying to save the image for my iPhone but nothing shows up for them. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much! By the way I LOVE them so much. I put it on my laptop and my screen. It makes me feel so organized lol.

    • kynleymichal
      January 1, 2019 at 11:35 am

      I’m so glad you like them! I’ve fixed the issue with the phone backgrounds. Refresh your page if you’re still having trouble.

  • Avatar
    January 5, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Love your designs! Very architecturally appealing. Any chance you could update the January 2018’s calendar for the wallpaper please? Pretty please? Thank you in advance.

    • kynleymichal
      January 5, 2019 at 10:07 pm

      Thank you- I’m glad you like them. ☺️ Are you asking me to update the 2018 design for 2019? Sorry- I only have time to do one calendar a month (even more so now with baby girl in tow) especially since I do it for free.

      Thanks again though! It means the world to me that you like them. ♥️

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  • Avatar
    October 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Thank you so much for the wallpaper. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it. It reminds me of happiness outside of my cubicle.

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