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Hello April! Downloadable Calendar Freebie.

Hi friends! Here is the free April 2018 calendar- my apologies its a few days late. I’ve just been swamped AND now I’m on vacation with my momma taking care of my grandma. We do this pretty much every year, and I love it spending this time with my grandma and mom.

On pregnancy news- I’ll be 19 weeks on Thursday and I’m feeling the baby only occasionally. I’m a little uncomfortable- my back is starting to complain about my shifting center of gravity now that I have a baby bump that can’t be denied. I have to pee all the time and I keep my meals small but eat more frequently.

Anyway- this whole pregnancy thing makes me feel a little bit in awe about just… how crazy it is that I’m carrying and caring for a little tiny human. Our bodies start out at the size of like a chia seed- and grow into all the different sizes and shapes that we see in the world today. We as human beings are breathing pieces of art.

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There are the standard wallpaper options to choose from this month.

Free April 2018 Calendar Wallpaper

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Free April 2018 Quote Wallpaper

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Free April 2018 Picture Wallpaper

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