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Year In Review. My Current Favorites.

Happy 2018 officially! So I was browsing through my old posts from previous new years… and I feel a real disenchantment with New Year’s resolutions. I mean- I have goals for the year and all that- but I don’t feel like making an official list that I will later feel annoyed with or guilty over this time next year.

My goal is this- keep going. That’s it. Everyday smile and breath and laugh and grieve and pray and dance and everything.

Since that seems like a fairly unexciting blog post- I was struck with a fun idea. What if I started a new tradition of just listing my favorites. Maybe I’ll do this once a year or maybe twice a year (once in January and once in July). As I was browsing through my past resolutions, I thought it would be fun to be able to go back and see what I listed as my favorites a year ago (or six months ago… depends on how often I do it).

This is going to be informal- no specific list of questions that I have to answer. I’m just going to quickly talk about everything that comes to mind that I think is awesome.

My Current Favorites

The simple latte my hubby makes me every morning before work is my favorite part of my morning.

I could cook up salmon patties with potatoes almost every day- it’s a recipe my mother gave me and I’ve since made my own.

Although also I love it when my hubby and I don’t cook at all and order Indian food for delivery.

I love eating fresh, hot popcorn while watching anything at all on the couch with my hubby.

On that note- my favorite movie is Paterson, my favorite show is This Is Us, and I’ll be rewatching Parks and Recreation episodes until the day I die (I think).

My lace up riding boots -that are far cooler than I could ever hope to be- are my favorite thing in my closet right now. these boots specifically

The free La Croix machine at my office is work day bliss and fuels my flavored sparkling water addiction.

I love my record player– specifically the sound a record makes when the needle first hits the vinyl. It’s the most hipster thing about me.

On that note- I play Fletwood Mac, Lord Huron, Hozier, and Dermot Kennedy on repeat.

As corny as it sounds, sleeping in on a Saturday cuddled up against my husband is near perfection.

The way my favorite candle from Anthropologie makes my house smell- it’s Volcano by Blue Capri.

Our vacation to New York City last year is one my favorite trips ever with my hubby (second only to our honeymoon).

The way my puppy cuddles up under my chin when I pick him up makes my heart melt.

Hmm…. okay, there you have it! My favorites from off the top of my head. What are your favorites?

photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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