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New Makeup Finds & Favs

I recently went through a bit of a makeup spree. I’m not sure what inspired the mass purchasing- but I thought I would share my favorites of the bunch that I have discovered (actually a couple of these have been hiding around in my makeup drawer for a while, and I’ve just not got into them). Most of these are on the high-end of the spectrum *wince*  which is unusual, but they’re worth sharing.

If you are interested, I talked about absolute favs of the both the high-end world and the drug store world previously. Those two lists are still very applicable- this is just a new supplemental list.

1 | Foundation  |  shop

This foundation is the newest (and most unique) concept of the whole bunch. You use a fancy phone app to take pictures of your skin to figure out your skin tone. The company then sends you a bottle of foundation that is supposed to be a pretty exact match to your skin. Crazy huh? Plus- it worked pretty well for me.

The foundation is a thinner consistency than my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, but in the warmer months, the thicker foundation is too much. I give this cool and weird way to order foundation two thumbs up.

2 | Becca . First Light Face Primer  |   shop

This is a light primer (and yes it is purple tinted). It subtlely brightens the skin and evens out blemishes. Now it doesn’t hide blemishes at all on the first go- but it almost like blurs them a little. This evening out effect just aids my foundation to look smoother with less.

3 | tarte . Shape Tape  |   shop

This concealer is kind of all over the web, isn’t it? Honestly- it is for a good reason. A little goes a long way to brighten up my undereye. It blends out well and stays for hours. This stuff stayed all day while I was out doing yard work- even after nothing else had held on (which was an odd look).

4 | ColourPop . Ultra Satin Lip in Magic Wand  |  shop

I believe this product has been around for a while- but this is the first time I’ve ordered it. I was never able to find it here in Denver. After hearing yet another rave review about this lip product, I finally ordered a couple of colors to try. This stuff did not disappoint. It wears well and is comfortable on the lips. I love the colors Magic Wand, Echo Park, Mess Around and Dopey.

5 | Too Faced . Melted Matte Lip in Cool Girl  |   shop

Another great liquid lip product- and I particularly love this matte lip. This lip formula wears really well- but it is a bit drying on the lips. I don’t wear it as much as some of my other lip formulas. I love the colors Cool Girl, Queen B, and Sell Out.

Also, I highly recommend Too Faced Melted Log Wear Lipstick as well. A very similar formula to the matte (still a bit drying)- the only difference is this one is a more satin-like finish. My favorite shade is Chihuahua.

6 | tarte . rainforest of the sea . skin twinkle lighting palette vol. II |   shop

I feel like I have tried a lot of different highlighters… and. this. one. is. amazing. This highlight palette includes four different shades- two lighter shades and two darker shades. I love the color payoff of all the colors- not much is needed for an extreme highlight, so a light touch is all that is required.

7 | Kat Von D . Tattoo Liner  |  shop

I received a tiny little sample of this from Sephora a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot about it. I found it again randomly cleaning out my makeup closet and decided to give it a try. This eyeliner is fantastic and reliable. It puts down a highly pigmented line and flicks out a lovely cat eye.

8 | cargo . Around the World Eye Palette  |  shop

I received this eye palette several several months go in a FabFitFun box (I think in my winter box last year). I don’t know what inspired me to pull this one out of my makeup drawer- but I did last week, and now it is my current favorite. It is a great neutral color palette that I love for everyday. It is grayer in overall tone than most of my other eye palettes (which I love right now). This palette does need a solid eye primer.

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