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Oh, hey Friday. So it snowed. Yes- it snowed. in May. in Colorado. It snowed. Also- my car is getting assessed after the horrible hail storm that happened last week.  Lime-sized hail, 80-degree weather, and then snow. Whatever Colorado. You’re so weird.

What happens this weekend will depend on what happens the rest of today with my insurance assessment. We may be car shopping… or not doing much. We shall see. I love my car so I will be a little heartbroken if the insurance company declares it a total loss. We shall see my friends. We shall see.

In the meantime I have Pinterest finds and links to love for you! Happy Friday!!

05-19-2017 pinterest finds. links to love.

one  |  an adorable pocketed denim dress  //  via roolee

two  |  a tall gallery wall and a freestanding stove/fireplace. love it all. //  via interiorpin

three  |  live for the moments you can’t put into words.  //  via mia creates | instagram

four  |   Fennel Pollen Panna Cotta with Honey and Caramelised White Chocolate  //  via butter and brioche

five  |   this painting called – rose garden on south green way   //  via carlos ramirez

six  |   this review on Lush’s Scrubee that I can’t wait to try  //  via allure

Seven |   this honest youtube series about a common women’s health issue  //  via youtube

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