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Every Day Carry for a Work Day.

So this is my very first everyday carry post. Woohoo! I am very particular about a lot of things in my life… and what I carry with me is a big one. I have two main categories when it comes to my everyday carry- my actual day-to-day and then my work day carry.

I decided I would start with my work day carry- as I have been extra particular about this and my picks are now tried and true. I work in a semi-professional environment- meaning we are professional in our work but much more relaxed with our attire and general atmosphere. I still like to look put together and not overly flashy with what I carry with me to meetings… but also I can’t help but squish in personal touches to what I use.

I love pens, paper, pencil and the like way too much to just use the standard issue pen and notebook. Apart from my phone, my water bottle, and my name badge- this is what I have with me all day while I’m working.

1 | Notebook with Cover  .  A5 Size  |  shop

This is the piece that holds pretty much everything I carry throughout my normal work day. This comes with me to all meetings and sits next to me at my desk. It comes with a unique notebook with a binding that snaps open similar to a binder which allows me to remove pages and move them around easily. Plus it boasts pockets and can carry two notebooks at a time.

2 | Pilot Vanishing Point  .  Extra Fine Nib  |   shop

The most expensive of all the things I carry with me day to day- but it is my favorite pen on the planet. It is a retractable fountain pen that comes in an extra fine nib size. A retractable fountain pen is a relatively rare concept in general- but it makes my love for fountain pens a very work friendly option as the nib doesn’t dry out very quickly and there is no cap I have to worry about misplacing. Plus it is also cartridge friendly, so I don’t have to worry about a bottle of ink with my limited physical desktop space.

3 | Adhesive To Do Notes  |   shop

I have a ton of sticky notes here are there all over my workspace- but these are the ones that come with me in my notebook. I like the to-do structure to them- helps me organize my priorities every morning and be able to glance quickly at them throughout the day. The sticky note feature helps me break down more complicated projects and stick them on top of the notes. Plus- they’re pretty.

4 | Weekly Planner  |  shop

I won’t go into tremendous detail- because I talked a lot about this in a previous post. I just must prefer an analog planner over a digital one. I do have to use my outlook calendar at work so everyone can see when I’m available for meetings and the like- but I write down my meetings into my physical planner from my computer (I’m weird- I know). What is great is my planner slides into the left side of my notebook cover and easily accommodates both this planner and my notebook.

5 | Kuru Toga Roulette Mechanical Pencil  |   shop

This is a fancy fancy mechanical pencil, and it is awesome (it has a unique mechanism in it that keeps the lead from wearing down the wrong way). I prefer pens to pencils- except when I’m recording meetings and other events in my planner. Meetings just move around too much to not use something easy to erase (and erasable pens are just silly). So this guy hangs out in the spine of my planner. Now you don’t have to spend $17 to get this cool pencil as it is also available with a plastic body for only $5.

6 | Sorbet Page Tabs  |   shop

They are pretty, and they help me organize my notes so I can easily flip between the different projects I’m actively working on at one time. I write up a little table of contents at the beginning of each month which I use to the indicate which project is which color. Yes. I know. I’m a dork.

Edit: I ran out of page tabs right after posting this. I just assumed I would buy the same page tabs- but I switched to these new ones I found that are clear (but still colorful). I’m kind of excited about them.

7 | Slate Blue Retro 51 Tornado  |  shop

I don’t carry extra fountain pen cartridges when I’m in meetings and such- so I always like to have a backup pen just in case I wasn’t paying attention to my ink levels in my fountain pen. The Retro 51 is sharp and professional looking… and it writes so well. Mind you I have moved on from the refill that it came with as I like a much finer point on my pens (I hacked in a micro gel refill into my pen – lol).

8 | Aquaphor Lip Repair  |  shop

It is so dry here in Colorado… I constantly need lip balm. This one is my favorite- it fits nicely in my notebook and is not overly unprofessional looking to pull out during a meeting if I’m desperate. lol.

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