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Happy Friday everyone! Apart from a little sickness and a lot of work- it was a pretty good week. The outlook is still good even while the news feels… not good. I think that we can still be positive and content with our outlook and our approach to the everyday.

Who is excited for the weekend? I have a manicure tomorrow morning (squee!! I love going to the salon) and I’m excited to lounge with my hubby. :)

one  |  almond butter toast with bananas and toasted coconut  //  via the modern proper

two  |  this gorgeous instagram feed that you have to check out  //  via T. S. Abe

three  |  one of the coziest wall features ever  //  via allthingabout

four  |   the tumblr feed for those who love order  //  via things organized neatly

five  |   inhale courage. exhale fear.   //  via designbyWaS

six  |   have you heard- Beyoncé is expecting twins! wait? everyone’s heard already? oh right. duh.  //  via beyonce

Seven  |   a podcast about pens? yep. and it is awesome.  //  via relay fm

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