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Today is Just a Day.

A couple of weeks ago I processed through something that I can only describe as a mourning period. I know I would have mourned deeply no matter the outcome of the United State’s election…

I am not a political person. Full honesty here- I neither enjoy nor do I have much faith in politics. I refuse to affiliate myself with either side, and I tend to participate very little in the discussion. I abhor the rhetoric that bounces around during especially charged political seasons. Social media turns into walls of harsh words and uncompassionate stances. All signs of empathy quickly dissipate like little plumes of smoke.

We go on and on about the other side… those people over there who don’t hold the right beliefs. Those people over there on that other side who are different.

We fear of what those people over there will do to us. We fear for our safety. We fear for our ability to provide for our family. We fear for our religious and personal freedoms.

We let the fear control, and we lash out… and then we are indignant and spit out mockery when they respond the same way. We feel vindicated and find all the more reason to lash out again.

What about empathy? What about compassion? What about kindness? What about self-control? What about hope?

Politics doesn’t give us Christians the right to speak harsh words or spread dissension. It is not a free pass to be cruel or to forego compassion. I don’t care on what side you plant your feet.

I’m begging us all to spread compassion and love. I’m begging everyone to fight to heal the wounds and close the divide. When you sit down to listen to and communicate with everyone around you- you’ll find both sides share the same basic human desires and fears. They are not that different from you.

So today is just a day.

The events of today are disheartening and uncomfortable for me. I cried when I realized this day was coming. While I don’t like what is happening today- I am still called to be compassionate and extend kindness. It is a day just like any other day where I am called to hold on to hope and love and joy.

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