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Stick with Love. Hate is a Heavy Burden.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day (sorry this is a day late- error with the scheduling side on my WordPress)!

I was listening to one of his speeches where he talked about the great power of love… agápe love. Agápe love is the love that goes beyond passion and romance and even friendship. It is that kind of love that allows the capability to love your enemy.

This amazing speech/sermon that he gave back in 1957 was a beautiful message- that is pertinent today. Whether you are fighting for equality on some level or not- the message to love thy enemy and extend compassion. This particular quote that you often see on Martin Luther King Jr Day struck me specifically this time around.

When you approach the world with love throughout your day-to-day, and you refuse to approach your life with hate- you open up the access to happiness and contentment and joy. This quote seemed liked an incredible thought to be reminded of every day- so I made an iPhone wallpaper (and iPad) and wanted to share with all of you ( link after the jump ).

I decided to stick with a generally visual theme from the monthly download to this new download. :)

Read the whole sermon. Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama, on 17 November 1957.

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