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new Sugar Paper planners from Target for 2017

So as I mentioned just a few days ago- I love pens and the paper goods that compliment them so nicely. And since this is a new year I thought I would talk about one of the analog items that I spend a lot of time using a the beginning of the year… my planner ( or date book- I call them planners ).

Let’s just be blunt so we can get this out of the way. I have two planners- a small one and a larger one that is more robust one.

Yes. Two.

new planners for 2017

I purchased the same two that I purchased last year- made by Sugar Paper and sold by Target. I loved them last year so I thought I would get the same one again. Which helped ease my feelings of sadness when I get to the end of December and run out of paper in the planner I’m using.

During the last week of December and the first week of January, I spend a lot of time filling out the new planners with birthdays and big dates I know are coming up. This year I got a nice little deal on sticker packs specifically made for calendars.

The pack came with cute little inspirational sayings that I’ve decorated the planners with and have marked all the birthdays and doctors appointments and big events throughout the year. Plus even other extra super adorable ones- like little coffee stickers and nail polish bottles. This is my first year using a sticker pack like this- so I’m still getting the hang of it. I do really love the color and festivity it adds to everything. :)

I write in it with a pencil so that things can be moved around and changed if needed… and I am particular about my pencil ( which I can talk about more if that is interesting – but it’s called a Uni Kuru Toga ).

So let’s talk about why I have two completely different planners… because there is a reason. I’m not that crazy. The small one is my main go-to one that I’m adding the stickers to and adding all the different appointments too as they come up. My favorite thing is the fact that the date blocks are lined- which I much prefer.

The other planner is a more robust notebook like planner- it has a section of notes and checklists for each month AND each week- while my smaller one just has a notes section in the back of the planner. Since it has all the extra note taking and list making options- this is where I jot down timeline ideas for cards and blog posts and personal goals. It essentially just functions as a really structured notebook.

planners and my favorite Kuru Toga pencil

planners and my favorite Kuru Toga pencil

Now- I’ve only super recently really started actively thinking about paper quality and all that. I have always noticed higher quality paper and been picky in general. These planners are okay when it comes to paper- just okay. Luckily- since I use pencils almost exclusively in the planner- the quality of the paper has never bothered me.

Overall- I love these planners. In this realm- analog wins hands down for me.

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