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Analog versus Digital. Briefly Speaking.

the analog v. the digital world

I realized something about myself over the holiday break that I hadn’t comprehended or acknowledged before… I love the analog world. I connect better with all things analog… specifically analog paper goods… physical planners, pens, paper, cards, gift wrap, books, etc. If I’m honest with myself, I collect notebooks… and pens… and… yeah ( don’t tell my husband… when he finds me in the notebook aisle I will always deny I’m collecting them ).

There are worse addictions to have right?

Occasionally I have tried to get into the more digital world when it comes to note taking and list making and date planning. It has never worked for me. My digital planning consists of entering my appointments on the fly… and then entering them into my main physical planner when I get back to my desk where it sits ( I don’t carry my planner around everywhere I go ).

The same goes for note taking- a lot of my coworkers carry their laptops around and type up their notes in our meetings. I, on the other hand, much prefer my little notebook/binder ( I prefer binders with loose leaf paper… which I think is silly ).

I have tried using my iPad and typing up my notes with the little keyboard …. but I just don’t like it. Then I tried using the fancy Apple pencil to write up my notes on my iPad… still didn’t like it ( I do love my Apple pencil for other things… which I will talk about later ). I have deduced and just accepted the fact that I love carrying around my little binder and my cute pens and pencils, then handwriting all my notes.

What spurred this revelation you ask? Over the holiday my aunt introduced me to the Pen Addict podcast… it is seriously a podcast all about pens ( and sometimes pencils and notepads ). I am fully aware that it sounds silly that one may listen to an hour long podcast that is all about pens ( I chuckled at my aunt when she was telling me about it too ), but I love it.

The sudden and instant connection with this podcast is what sparked in me the realization that I love all things analog in the paper goods world. Suddenly I am listening to people who fully understand me.

I always felt so silly feeling excited about the office supply section in Target… and being able to spend an excessive amount of time in a seemingly mundane store like OfficeMax once I found the notebooks and pens. My husband once found me sitting down on the floor in a greeting card isle as I cycled through examining all the different Papyrus card with all their different papers and details.

Heck- I sell cards that I make by hand. Plus, I already owned a fairly extensive collection of pens long before I had heard someone referred to as a pen addict ( I’m just a more knowledgeable and informed pen addict now ).

It is a simple fact that I have come to embrace… I love the tangible and tactile experience of paper and pens and books and everything related to that. Now- there is certainly a place for the digital. I do also love my iPad and iPhone- but everyone talks about how much they love those things all the time.

I want to talk a little more about the analog, physical world here on this blog. It won’t take over the blog- it just might become more prevalent. So tell me… do you have a ( harmless ) addiction to anything analog? I would love to hear about it.

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