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This and That. Restores My Soul.

Happy Friday- happy first friday of 2017! I really love the first few weeks of a new year- despite the fact that I hate packing up my Christmas decor and leaving the holiday season. I love the fresh, clean feeling in the year. Nothing exists but possibilities- it is stunning to me how the sense of change is facilitated merely by a date change.

I hope you are embracing the spirit of possibility and that you feel ready to take on the new year! For now- let’s just run through some links to love and some of the things I discovered on Pinterest.

one  |  love these modern, diy pot holders  //  via homey oh my

two  |  he restores my soul  //  via throne and sparrow

three  |  not suitable for winter… but I couldn’t help myself  //  via free people

four  |  yum… breakfast in bed please  //  via bea’s cookbook

five  |  what a stunning view… just breathtaking   //  via excerpete vulgo tumblr

six  |  physical planners are my absolute favorite…  //  via paper source 

Seven  |  always love verily’s ‘while you were out’ article  //  via verily mag

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