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Dressember 2016


Okay- not to worry. I’ll have a calendar up soon (like within the next couple days)- but I would be amiss if I didn’t talk about this (and I would have talked about it earlier… but life you know). :)

I participated in Dressember the past three years and -I’ll be honest- I almost didn’t do it this year. It is pretty exhausting honestly (mentally exhausting of course). Plus it has been a rough year for me physically with my health.

But my sweet cousin talked (begged) me into it so she could do it with me.

So I’m approaching this with no expectations this year. Last year I felt this big build up- I planned out outfits and talked about it for months. This year, though… I just haven’t felt the need for all of that- I’m looking for a quiet, cleansing experience.

Honestly? I don’t feel emotionally prepared for this at all. I know I need some internal, personal empowerment nothing crazy or a big overall. I just need to fight for something far outside of myself for a little bit to reset a few little things in my head… and what better way to do it than to stand up for others all over the world who can’t stand for themselves?


I have not felt this unprepared to do Dressember since the very first time I did it and had no idea what I was getting into. I know what I’m getting into this time though and I am expecting great things to happen. I think you should think about participating too- whether you want to take the leap and commit to only wearing dress or if it is just to sponsor someone doing it.

What is Dressember exactly?

Women wearing dresses (or men wearing dress clothes – button up and tie) everyday for the entire month of December. How you wear the dress is up to you- all on its own, over leggings, over jeans, under a skirt. All that matters is that you are wearing a dress and you are documenting the journey everyday (I use Instagram mainly- but Facebook is also an good option).

Read up on all of your Q’s here on the official website.

… but why only wear dresses?

This is the real question. Those who participate are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women. Did you know that it is estimated that 20 and 36 million people trapped in slavery—more than any other point in history.

This is bigger than a dress. This is about all of the women wearing the dress- standing together with creativity and courage to say that slavery is not okay. Will you join us?

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