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I’m Here to Brag. Kyle Loves Tori Photography.


My younger brother and sis-in-law are amazing wedding photographers (known as Kyle Loves Tori Photography). I had to share some of their awesome work. Personally, I kind of wish they had been doing their thing when my hubby and I were getting married… but I think I might try to work in an anniversary shoot (if I can talk my hubby into it) cause I’m just dying for some awesome “bridal” portraits.

And my brother and sis shoot incredible bridal shots.




Recently I watched them in action at our cousin’s wedding. They’re passionate and spend so much of their energy on the wedding they are working on. They research and seek out the most breathtaking spots for the most stunning shots.

My brother has always been like that- since he was little. If he liked something- he LOVED that something. He enthusiastically dives head first into discovering and learning about every aspect of that thing. (When we were young I think his first love was Star Wars- but I could be wrong as the younger memories get hazy.) 

My new sis (remember they just got married this year) balances him out perfectly with her calm and more down to earth approach. She’s all about the details and really good at helping my brother focus. They’re the cutest together.

They call themselves adventure wedding photographers (which is totally true). They’ll travel anywhere for the awesome shot that perfectly captures their couple. I know… I know… I’m totally fangirling (but seriously- they’re amazing). I’m super proud of them.







all photos belong to Kyle Love Tori Photography

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