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My Wardrobe Essentials. For Autumn.

So I totally missed updating you on my summer wardrobe- sorry about that (I’ll make it up to you by definitely doing my wardrobe essentials for autumn). During the summer we did our big move and I really got to examine my wardrobe and what I wanted to keep. I realized during the process that my favorite pieces all fall into four color groups- black, white/cream, olive green, and navy.

So in a scary moment I got rid of everything that wasn’t those four colors. It has been fantastic- not only is it easier to get dressed in the morning (pretty much everything goes with everything) but shopping is now much easier. I don’t agonize over colors and what not- I know what I like and I know what I’ll wear and I ignore the rest.

Autumn is officially on us now though, and I’m starting to transition my wardrobe. I thought I would be on top of things and share that process with you like I did for spring- so here are my wardrobe essentials for autumn.

Just like for the spring here in Denver (and I’m sure pretty much everywhere) autumn brings hot day and really cold days. So I need access to layers and options. wardrobe essentials for autumn

how to update your wardrobe for fall

(the guidelines)

Before you go shopping- explore your winter box that you stored away in the spring. You may discover old loves and not need to go shopping at all (which will save you a little money). No need to purchase something you already had stored away.

Layers are always a girl’s best friend but this time you need to add in warmer layers. Your light summer tops can get a little more use with a cardigan or a military jacket. You can remove them easily and then add them right back on when needed.

Remove some of the short sleeve tees and tanks and replace them comfortable, light long sleeves tops. I’m loving this sheer ruffled shirt and this tie front blouse and this dolman top. They just add a little more coverage without being heavy or hot during the chillier days, but are light enough to keep you comfy with the temperatures rise a little.

Only add in a few heavy, super warm items. I’ve only pulled out two really heavy sweaters for autumn. Which is great- I wore one during a particularly cold day and then I wore one to an outdoor concert just this last weekend (yeah Red Rocks!). They were perfect for those few occasions- but I have needed to reach for them very often.

Embrace a couple new trends– that easily blend into your wardrobe. Ruffles, stripes, sheer fabrics, and blanket scarves are all over the place when I’ve been out shopping. I’ve picked up a few pieces that fit easily into the wardrobe that I already love and that work well with my established color palette. This allows you to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh. I recommending replacing a few pieces you aren’t drawn to anymore to make room instead of just continuing to cram more items into your closet.

Just like for the spring.  Declutter your closet by storing summer items away from view in a storage box. It is easier to get ready when your options are clearer and everything has space to breathe. Plus, next summer when you pull out your winter items you get to rediscover old favorites- makes them feel fresh and new… kind of like shopping your own closet.



I still love scarves. Honestly- my light scarves that I use in the summer and the spring stay in rotation almost year round. They match my wardrobe season to season (remember the purging my closet of excess colors?).



Shoes… for fall means pulling out my boots. They’ve been sitting quietly in my closet for the past several months and have collected dust. I recommend taking your leather boots to a cobbler– get them treated and fixed up for the coming months. Your leather shoes get beaten up in the cold weather- and if you spent a little extra on them for their better quality you need to take good care of them to make that invest last. I got all of my leather boots treated and a couple of them resoled. They look brand new and its amazing.

My flats are generally year round- as strong neutral basics that go with everything. High quality shoes are so important- so focusing on high quality, neutrals is the way to go.

Items I’m Purchasing/Have Purchased :

Tie Front Blouse  |  Blanket Scarf  |  Navy Top  |  Long Sleeve Dolman Top  |  Black Sheer Ruffle Top  |  Striped Linen Tee

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