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Favorites List. Drugstore Makeup.

So since I just did my high-end makeup favorites list- I had to do my drugstore favorites list too. Because let’s be real- you don’t HAVE to spend that much on makeup. There are some awesome options out there that don’t cost a small fortune.

As I mentioned in my last post- I used to exclusively use drugstore makeup. Target and Walmart was my two main sources of makeup and I was a shy little thing about talking to sales people.

Once right after I moved to the city for college I got caught by a sales gal at the Benefit makeup counter in Macy’s. I was too timid to say no to her pitch and ended up buying way to much and feeling super guilty about it. So I was potentially a little timid about those makeup counters for a while after that (remember- I was a shy girl with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder).


Please note- there are a few categories that I don’t have options in both price points- you’ll probably notice I don’t have a primer in this list (sorry I just haven’t found a drugstore primer that I really love yet) but on that same note- I didn’t have a lipstick of any sort on my high-end list. I thought about it- and just thought I would be real with you instead of scrounging around to fill a category that I really don’t have strong feelings for yet.

favorites list drugstore makeup

1 | Revlon . Colorstay Liquid Foundation  |  shop

I’ll be honest- I like my high-end foundations a lot. This one though is pretty great though… and so much more affordable. It blends well and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Plus it last pretty much all day (especially when paired with a great primer).

2 | Maybelline . Instant Age Rewind Eraser  |   shop

Watch a few YouTube beauty vids and you will probably hear about this product. It is well loved and a clear crowd favorite- and for good reason. I own both the ‘brightening’ color and then the regular concealer in the lightest color (which is I think ‘fair’). I have a set in my purse and a set in my makeup drawer.

It is fantastic- easy application, great coverage, and a good price. Try it out.

3 | Real Techniques . Powder Brush  |   shop

I have yet to find a drugstore sponge blender that compares to the beauty blender- but when it comes to brushes I really like the Real Techniques brushes. I particularly love this huge powder brush and this setting brush. They’re soft and easy to clean.

I also love Coastal Scents brushes as well and they are very affordable.

4 | NYX . Sunkissed Radiant Finishing Powder  |  shop

This one gets picked up probably a bit more than my Smashbox palette. It is a comparable dupe for that high-end palette (not exact- put close). It just adds a nice glow to my pale skin without making me look orange or unnaturally pale.

The bronzer category has a couple great options honestly- like this one from Physicians Formula and this one from NYC. I think they are both solid options.

5 | Wet n Wild . Color Icon Blush  |   shop

I always feel silly picking this one up- cause I feel 13 again looking through Wet n Wild makeup. This blush though is pretty and buildable and lasts a long time. Pearlescent pink and mellow wine are my two favorite colors. Plus… I mean… they’re only $3 each. Sold.

6 | Covergirl . Nudes TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette  |   shop

I love eyeshadow palettes- the ability to create different looks with one purchase is marvelous. This palette is great- affordable, buttery and an awesome price point. Need I say more? I’ve personally never owned the naked palettes by Urban Decay- but I hear that these palettes are comparable.

Before this one came out I was all about this smaller Neutrogena palette.

7 | Essence . Make Me Brow  |  shop

Since I darken my hair my eyebrows are quite a bit lighter than my hair- so I darken my eyebrows a little bit to make my hair color look a little more natural. Plus- I have crazy brows so they need a little taming (thank heavens by the way that thicker eyebrows are in style right now- I hate plucking them). This brow gel is incredible- darkens them a bit for me and locks them in place and almost an exact dupe for the Benefit Give Me Brow (and it is only $3!!).

8 | Almay . Intense i-Color Liquid Liner  |  shop

I kind of prefer my ‘high-end’ favorite- the Sephora Collection long wear one. This one used to be my absolute favorite before I discovered that one- it goes on really well and stays all day. Plus it comes in pretty iridescent options.

9 | Maybelline . Lash Sensational Mascara  |  shop

If you ask me- I have to be honest and tell you that I love my stila mascara a ton more than anything else I’ve tried really. This though- is a great drugstore mascara. It doesn’t clump or run or flake off- just adds a nice natural volume that you can easily build up.

10 | Revlon . Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor  |  shop

I don’t like dry lips. I hate them honestly- I have chapstick with me 24/7 and drink a massive amount of water everyday. So matte lipsticks can drive me crazy even though I love the look of them- but this one (which I only discovered a couple weeks ago) is awesome. My lips don’t feel dry while wearing this lip color (my favorite is the color Forever- a beautiful nude but bold color) and the color is bold and beautiful.

11 | Covergirl . Oh Sugar! Lipstick  |  shop

Okay- so this lipstick is my absolute favorite. I specifically love it in the color caramel (No 3)- I’ve gone through like five of these tubes since I discovered it about six months ago. It goes on like chapstick and adds nice color to my lips that looks really natural.

12 | Mario Badescu . Huge Extreme Lash Mascara  |  shop

This really isn’t a drugstore brand I think- but this is a fantastic makeup setting spray AND only $7 for the big bottle (that totally counts as drugstore pricing am I right?). I’ve been testing other makeup setting sprays and I always go back to purchase this one. I’m on my fifth or sixth bottle.

So what do you think? What are your favorite drugstore makeup items?

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