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New Card Designs. Preview.

I’m working on some new cards currently and I thought that I would share just a sneak preview. :)

Plus, I’m playing with my new photo setup (I got a new light table and lights) which has been a bit of a learning curve- before my hubby would take the photos at his little photo studio at his office. It’s taking a little trial and error to figure out how to set up the lights and everything.

Anyway- tell me what you think of a couple of my new designs. :)


I finally designed some baby announcement cards (and don’t worry I have multiple color options). Phew. :)


And this one is in honor of my super awesome hubby. He loves a little office reference… plus he’s my permanent best friend with benefits. :D

letsbefriends letsbefriend_inside

Keep an eye out! My new card designs will be in my store soon! :)

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