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Girl’s Weekend. Breckenridge Colorado.


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I spent the weekend in Breckenridge Colorado with my friends for a girl’s weekend away. It was fantastic- a lot of girl talk, great food, “girly” movies, board games, and nature.

We arrived at our rental around 5.0opm or so last Friday- where we settled in before heading out for dinner in the cute downtown area of Breck (we hit up a little Italian restaurant there called Giampietro– great food). After that we just went back to the rental to relax and play games and just talk.

The next morning we made a big breakfast (bacon and eggs with scones) before heading out to McCullough Gulch Trail for a hike.

girlsweekendinbreck2 girlsweekendinbreck14

Can I just say how much I love living in Colorado? Living in Denver puts you only two hours from beauty like this. I’m a mountain girl and will always be a mountain girl- I want to live where I can see the mountains at all times and get to them easily.

The air was just so fresh and the views so breathtaking and clear.

girlsweekendinbreck6 girlsweekendinbreck8 girlsweekendinbreck4 girlsweekendinbreck5

It was a moderately difficult hike- and I’ll admit I didn’t make it all the way up to the top even though it was a fairly short hike. I haven’t had as much physical activity in the past couple months since I had my incident with my shoulder so I stopped when I started to feel numbness in my fingers (which is usually a sign my shoulder and neck is tightening up a little bit). I definitely didn’t want to risk even more injury.

It was gorgeous though- and I definitely didn’t mind waiting in the midst of all the beauty for my friends to make it to the top and come back down (one of my girl friends sat and waited with me- which was so sweet).

girlsweekendinbreck9 girlsweekendinbreck3 girlsweekendinbreck13 girlsweekendinbreck1

Before we left the trails we left our little mark on the trail with five balanced rocks- one for each of us.

We then grabbed lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and talking before we hit up Breckenridge Brewery for dinner. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend.


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