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Dream Home Decor. Master Bathroom.

I’ve been having a lot of fun decorating and planning out my new little house. That is probably the best part of moving into a new home (for me at least)- decorating it and turning it into my little dream home.

I finished decorating my master bathroom first- so I thought I would share the little elements I found that are semi-superfluous, but oh-so-cute and pretty and necessary to loving my tiny little bathroom (our new master bath is about half the square footage of our last master bath).

I thought it would be a huge struggle adjusting to a smaller bathroom- but it hasn’t been so bad. It’s bright and fresh with a giant skylight; colors of blue and white; and accents of brushed nickel and white washed wood. Plus it has really tall ceilings and that makes the room feel bigger.

So I went for a subtle sea vibe- minus things like shells and sand. I found funky geodes, wire baskets, and focused on grays, blues, and sea foam greens.


Beyond decor- there are a few obvious necessities. Things like towels, bathmats, and waste baskets are obvious must haves. I also find like have a ring holder and a couple cute little bowls on the counter for my jewelry and bobby pins are also really nice to have and make my life a little more convenient.

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