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My Favorite Hair Products for My Curly Hair.

favorite curly hair products

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have naturally curly hair. It had been a love hate relationship for almost my entire life. It didn’t help my confidence in high school since I had not a clue how to handle it very well… but with adulthood came a stubborn determination to figure out how to work with it.

Since then I have tried… like hundreds of products to help tame the frizz that is naturally curly hair (I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to count up all my past hair product trials and it came in the 100+ range). So I thought I would share my favorite curly hair products.

So curly locks are naturally more susceptible to drying out and frizzing- so I seek out moisturizing products that don’t build up to quickly in my hair but also won’t strip out the color in my hair (I color my hair… did I tell you all that? well I do- I even have bleach blonde and purple streaks in my hair). I also stay super far away from sulfates and I don’t shampoo my hair everyday. In fact I only wash my hair like once a week- and I use cleansing conditioners for the my more day to day routine.

Now- mind you I’ve found that investing a little bit more money into the products has been helpful. Also that I don’t know if these are the ‘best’ products- but they’re certainly my current favorite go-to products.

1 | coconut co-wash | shop

This is my favorite cleansing conditioner- I’ve used a couple different ones including the same one from this brand that just doesn’t have coconut in it. I prefer this coconut one even more as it adds even more moisture to my dry strands. It helps cleanse my hair a little bit without stripping out anything.

2 | daily deep conditioner | shop

I love love love this stuff- it is like a deep conditioner that I can use everyday just as I would use a regular conditioner. It is absolutely fantastic…. like heavenly fantastic.

3 | clarifying cleanser | shop

So when I do shampoo my hair- this is my all time favorite. It smells great- but most importantly it gently clarifies my scalp without stripping out moisture or pulling my hair dye out.

4 | split end mender | shop

So after all my heat styling and hair dye (especially after I bleached out my hair to add the purple) my poor poor ends need a little love. This spilt end mender feels a little extravagant- but I want to help protect and repair my split ends.

5 | leave-in conditioner & primer | shop

This stuff is magically. You can use it as a regular conditioner… or a leave-in conditioner and style primer (which is what I do!). It smells great and it just packs in so much moisture for my natural more dry, curly locks. :D

6 | thermal serum | shop

I use heat to style my hair- a blow dryer mainly and occasionally a curling iron to perfect some of my curls. So I like to add a little heat protection to my hair and I am a big fan of this heat styling serum. Honestly- I feel conflicted about how much heat I use… I love the way my hair looks when I’m using heat. I think it looks better… but I’m noticing my hair doesn’t curl on its own the way it used to- it still curls, but I’m not sure. Do you guys have any thoughts?

7 | coconut curl styler | shop

I usually have about two stylers/gels- one that is a softer cream styler that mainly fights frizz and smooths thing out well. This is one wonderful- the coconut moisturizes and the cream styler smooths everything out without adding any crunchiness.

8 | strong hold styling gel | shop

This is my second styler/gel- and this is more of the strong hold gel. I have tried a ton of hair gels.. like a ton a ton. This one is my favorite hands down- not only does it work super well (strong hold- minimal crunchiness that’s easy to break up) but it also smells AMAZING (it smells like cloves… so lovely).

9 | UV Protection Hair Spray | shop

I usually do a spritz of hairspray at the end of everything and then scrunch everything to keep things from getting crunchy. I particularly love that this hairspray offers up UV protection for my colored hair.

Everything in this post is completely my own opinion by the way- I received no payment for this post.

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