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New Home Furniture Wish List

We are less than a month away from signing all the papers and receiving the keys to our new house. *squeeeeee* So excited… and I just can’t help myself. I’m mentally decorating the new house now. Plus- my hubby and I have been visiting stores to sit on couches and recline in recliners and all that for our new place. So it is becoming real and legit feeling! I gatheredmy new home furniture wish list that we have made so far- not all of it are affordable (but the style is what we are after).

new home furniture wish list

So our new place as a couple hundred more square feet than our current place- and quite a bit more living space. Our current place has really big closets and big bathrooms- we are loosing closet space and bathroom space for an extra living room and a third bedroom (plus we’re also getting a garage with storage space and a yard with a deck and a fire pit- the benefits are just kind of awesome).

That being said we don’t really like our current couch- it is cheaper and not horribly comfortable. So we think we might invest in a really pretty, solid couch (that still has machine washable covers that we can also straight up replace with the cats destroy them) as well as invest in a really comfy recliner. We’re only going to have a television in one of the two living rooms… and we are going to put the comfy recliner in that room. :D

Plus- we are ready to get pieces that suit our style a little more- we still mostly just have the furniture from when we were newlyweds. We’ve grown up a bit since then (cause we were babies when we got married) and have a stronger since of style.

1 | sectional sofa | shop

I’d only experienced the big bean bag style from LoveSac– but my hubby wanted to go into the store the other day…. and let me tell you. We are pretty intrigued about this “sactional” as they called it (kudos to the sales guy btw). It’s really what we are looking for – as it looks sharp but still can wash covers and even replace them (cause of our darn cats… whom we love).

2 | mid-century mod arm chair | shop

I have been wanted a mid-century mod chair for a while now (they’re just sooo pretty) and now that we are in redecorate mode I’ve got my eye on a couple. I liked this one cause I can remove the seat cushions (the animals dictate a lot of our furniture choices)… but there are many more out that that I love too.

3 | funky side table | shop

I love texture- and I love wood texture. I’m not a rustic gal though- so I like clean lines and modern spins. So this very unnaturally silver wood stump is kind of awesome. It is just a smidgen pricey- so we’ll see if this exact thing ends up in our home or not.

4 | cork coffee table | shop

Let’s mix all the textures- and I’m way into the cork line at IKEA right now. This would go in our ‘tv room’ with the recliner- so I don’t want a huge coffee table that will interfere when we’re trying to be all reclined out watching tv. Plus- its a good price and I love the way it looks.

5 | love seat recliner | shop

Speaking of recliners- we’re feeling pretty tempted by La-Z-Boy. I mean- yes they are a little pricey, but they seem to have such a nice reputation and they have modern options now that I don’t mind (like this one the Odon). My husband is now all about getting one with a cup holder which cracks me up for some reason.

6 | funky wall mirror | shop

Ugh- this is probably the most unrealistic thing on my wish list. It’s definitely a little expensive… its just sooooo pretty… sigh- I like to look at it. I think it would be soo cool with the style we are going for… maybe I can make something similar myself?

7 | linen pillows | shop

I’m loving the look of linen and almost raw like fabric with simple colors and dye. This particular pillow is not linen- but ramie is very similar to linen (it comes from the plant called Chinese Nettle- and has been used for fabric in China, India, and Indonesia from what I’ve read). I love the tie features on it and think it would look really nice on our bed or the couch.

7 | funky dining table | shop

We have a pretty generic table at home now- and we’ve had it since we got married. I’ve gotten bored with it several times and have painted on it and spilled stuff on it. It’s neither cool or… pretty in any way. I’m excited to get a new table- and I want a table with a little character to- but don’t want to spend a lot on it. So this sweet one from IKEA is top of my list so far.

9 | metal dining chairs | shop

I’ve had my eye on chairs like these for a while. They feel a little popular at the moment (sigh… so mainstream), but I still think they are cool and my hubby approves of them sooo onto the list they go!

Everything in this post is completely my own opinion by the way- I received no payment for this post.

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