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I’ve been absent lately- I know that.. and it bothers me- being so absent and distant.

As I mentioned last week- life has been weird lately. A lot of really incredible and happy things have happened- my brother marrying the greatest girl and putting our new house under contract. But then also it has been one of the most physically painful and uncomfortable couple of weeks in my life.

I have a bad back- I’ve been seeing a chiropractor once a month for years. I tend to fight with headaches and muscle and shoulder pain consistently. I’ve struggled with bad flare ups in the past but they rarely last for longer than a day or too.

A couple weeks ago though (like… six weeks ago I think) I woke up with an awful headache and some bad shoulder pain that had luckily subsided by the morning. I figured I wouldn’t worry about it- such things had happened before in the past. A week later I woke up to some of excuriating pain. I couldn’t move my neck or shoulder without severe pain.

My long suffering hubby rushed me to the ER where they determined I was dealing with muscular-skeletal spasms- they gave me muscle relaxers, six shots of anesthesia straight into my trapezius muscle (uhm… ouch), topical ointment, and the instructions to try to relieve stress in my life.

The healing process has been long and frustrating. I’ve been going to the chiropractor once a week (and sometimes more) and seeing a massage therapist. Plus I’ve been testing our different chairs in the house and lots of different pillows. On top of that I’ve been given specific exercises just for my neck. The main thing is that sitting on my couch and working on my computer has been killing my shoulders- so I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time on my computer at home (hence the lack of posting).

Honestly the biggest struggle has just been the way the constant pain lingers and drains me. I feel emotionally exhausted after several weeks of pain and discomfort. I haven’t really felt like myself… and that has been disheartening.

The past couple days though have offered a little more hope (meaning- more pain relief). I’ve finally had a couple nights of really great sleep waking up without pain. There are still bad days that make me want to scream in frustration… but I’m holding onto hope that there are in fact good days now. :)

If you live in the Denver/Littleton area- I would be amiss if I didn’t recommend a few places and people that have been instrumental in my healing.

First of all- I’ve been going to see my chiropractor for years (since before I was even married). Her name is Dr Rebecca Noren-Lewis from Always Gentle Chiropractic and she’s wonderful. She uses the activator method which is a gentle form of chiropractic care.

Second- I’ve been going to see Sarah Kois, LMT at Cornerstone Wellness & Medical Massage Group for my massages. It’s not a ‘spa’ experience- but a healing, therapeutic, medical experience.

Last- the night crew at the Swedish Medical Center – Belmar ER was absolutely incredible and helped me and my hubby get through that particularly awful late night. Highly recommend that ER to anyone in the area.

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