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A new home.

a new home

So life has been crazy lately. whirl wind. painful. exhilarating. crazy.

Let’s start with the awesome stuff.

My handsome hubby and I in the process of buying a new home. This won’t be our first home purchase- but it’s our first single family home (with a drive way and a yard and a garage). I keep calling it our first ‘adult house’ and my hubby chuckles a little bit.

The housing market in Denver is a little bit crazy right now- houses are getting multiple bids and staying on the market for only days. We officially decided to get a new home several weeks ago- but with the wedding and everything we knew that it would be silly to try and start actually looking until we were fully and officially pre-approved and past my brother’s wedding. There is just no point is looking right now if you are not ready to put in an offer the day you look at the house.

So we started building a list of houses we wanted to see the Monday we got back from the wedding, we got a pre approval letter on Friday, we looked at eleven houses on Saturday, and put our favorite house under contract Sunday night. No joke.

I’m insanely excited… and a wee bit nervous. Our new house is technically bigger than our current place… but not by a lot. We are giving up the walk-in closets and en suite master bathroom. I’m okay with that… I keep pushing myself toward the idea of less is more and simplicity. Smaller closets and bathroom space can only encourage that further.

The new house is giving us another bedroom so my parents can stay with us when they visit (HUGE thing in my book) and has more living space. I love this idea of focusing less on the ‘me’ space and seeing how much stuff I can cram into my ‘me’ space and more on the spaces where friends and family can gather.

It is all feeling a little surreal at this point- this time last month I wasn’t even really thinking about a new house. this time last week I was gearing up for a wedding. and now I’m thinking about that fact that in another month I’ll be moving and selling our awesome condo (I’m a little sad about that honestly). I’m anxious (I hate packing and seeing my life in boxes) and super excited (we’ll have a yard for the puppy- no more flights of stairs for his bathroom breaks).

Stay tuned! When I have pics and the like I’ll be sharing them. :D

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