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My Wardrobe Essentials. For Spring.

The shopping cleanse I did earlier this year has been one of the best things I have ever done and the wardrobe that I built during that time has been perfect. I haven’t felt a huge need to go shopping since the cleanse- and I mean, I haven’t felt the need to purchase much since then (I still love just walking around the mall).

The past week though I have noticed that there are a few things that are missing from my wardrobe… and it’s because spring!  Spring is here!! With spring comes changing styles and a lot more color in the stores-  from what I’ve seen and heard orange, blue and silver are going to be the most popular shades through the warmer weather. Plus everyone is starting to talk about rose-colored sunglasses (which I feel I must get a pair now to match my rose-gold watch).

Anyway!! Several of the things in my wardrobe are getting to be a little warm for the warm days. The biggest problem in Colorado is that the weather can flip flop from blizzard one day to sunshine the very next day. So you can’t throw our your winter wardrobe for a spring wardrobe- it is a delicate balance. This is how I update my wardrobe for spring.


how to update your wardrobe for spring

(the guidelines)

Layers are still a girl’s best friend but layers that are lighter than their winter counterparts are more necessary. There are a few things that can stay without a problem like unlined military jackets, jean jackets, and light weight long sleeve shirts. The heavy cardigans and sweaters generally have to be swapped out for a light option though- add a few more tops back into the rotation and more light weight cardigans to replace the items that are too heavy for spring layering.

Keep the jeans- but add in a skirt and a single pair of shorts. I wear jeans year round- but skirts and shorts are necessary supplements in the summer months. During spring there are brief occasional days of summer where a skirt (or pair of shorts) is a great way to conquer the heat.

Update the color tone for the changing season– but not at the expense of a single piece not matching the rest of my closet. I still hold to the idea that a single piece should match at least 85% of my wardrobe. You just want to start reaching for brighter and lighter tones with the changing seasons. Keep everything in the same color family as your winter wardrobe just in a brighter tone.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a few brand new pieces. Style changes so quickly and keeping up with the changing styles can be daunting when you’re trying to keep your spending low and your life more minimal. Stay away of the changes- but don’t feel pressure to embrace all of the new styles. With oranges and blues and silvers being the new colors for the season- I’m going to stick with just adding silvers and a few blues into my closet. The brighter colors don’t match my personal style and wardrobe that much- but muted beautiful blues and silvers (like this silver metallic shirt… and maybe I’ll get it in the metallic rose color too) do so I will stick with those.

To declutter your closet- store winter items away from view in a storage box. It is easier to get ready when your options are clearer and everything has space to breathe. Plus, next winter when you pull out your winter items you get to rediscover old favorites- makes them feel fresh and new… kind of like shopping your own closet.



I still love scarves and do wear them almost year round- but I have to retire the heavy scarves into the winter box. I leave out only one thick scarf for the surprise spring snow- but I focus purely on my light weight scarves. Necklaces start to make more of an appearance too as spring comes.



Shoes… for spring means adding sandals into the list but still including the riding boots. Riding boots are particular useful for the sudden storms (I mean.. you can’t wear ballet flats after it snow two feet of snow the day before… it doesn’t matter how fast the snow melts).

My flats are generally year round- as strong neutral basics that go with everything. High quality shoes are so important- so focusing on high quality, neutrals is the way to go. I apply the same neutral rule to the new sandals I add into the mix. I still leave my flat, pure-summer sandals for the hottest months- but cute, neutral sandal wedges are such a must for spring.

Items I’m Purchasing :

Chambray Top  |  White Gauze Tunic  |  Navy Scallop Shorts  |  Silver Metallic Shirt  | Black and Navy Wedges

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