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Downloadable Easter Cards!

You would have not a clue based on the weather outside that it is spring. Yesterday it was 70 degrees- so I didn’t even were a jacket. Today I’m staying inside my house because the weather is so frightful outside (like… blizzarding). BUT it is spring… it is just a normal Colorado spring. Sometimes we get to wear super cute spring dresses on Easter Sunday– and then sometimes we can’t.

Easter is a big deal in our house- the resurrection of Christ and the love he powered out for us on the cross. While I get all crazy over Christmas- my hubby gets the same way about Easter (it is insanely cute). You can’t blame him though- it is a powerful day.

Isn’t it crazy Easter is this Sunday? It feels incredibly early this year… and I think it snuck up on all of us. I have a couple cute Easter cards available on my etsy shop that are downloadable so you can quickly print them from your own printer (no shipping!).


Several of my designs are available in a downloadable version- not just my easter cards. For easter though, I have three different designs available for less than $3- and after you purchase you get access to both the A7 and A2 card size as well as printing instructions. I’ve included guide marks for easy cutting and folding. It is super easy!

eastereggs_flat heisrisen_flat

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