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This was suppose to launch on Friday- but you know, things happen. Honestly I’m not even sure exactly what happened- but it didn’t post. lol.

It was a weird weekend honestly- my hubby and I went shopping for what he would wear to my brother’s wedding in May (we’re both in the wedding party). My brother and sister-to-be both decided they wanted us to find our own outfits – my hubby’s needing to be a blue suit (minus the jacket) and mine needing to be a peach/champagne dress.

I found my dress a while ago- it was strangely difficult finding by hubby’s attire though. There were not very many suit separates being sold that offered a vest… and were blue. BUT we found it after going to two different malls. Mercy it was a smidge stressful and we were tired by the end of the day… so we were a little grouchy (lol). But we got it all purchased- vest, pants, shoes, belt, shirt. Done!

I’m really excited though- he is going to look so handsome. He is my rock and I love him- even when tensions are high and we are tired and… not patient with each other. I always think of him when I hear this song playing- every time he picks up a guitar he plays that song. :)

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