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Packing for Eight Days Away.

I’m not usually that efficient of a packer. I fly out with my mother once a year to spend time with my grandmother and help take care of her… and I get really stressed out before hand as I pack. Why? I don’t know- but I do.

I would pack at least one shirt for every day I was there… and usually I would have more shirts than days of the trip. I would pack a billion pairs of shoes. It was kind of a problem. I always thought to myself ‘I have no idea what I’ll feel like wearing each given day… I need options.’ The fifty pound weight limit for checked luggage was usually a problem for me. :P

So I figured I would try a new approach this time around- it was rather simple idea actually. I would pick out 12 items not including accessories and under garments- three base layers (like t-shirts and thin sweaters), three outer layers (like cardigans and light jackets), three pairs of pants, and three pairs of shoes. Plus two belts and three accessories (two scarves and one necklace).

Then I would take those 12 items and create eight planned out outfits- with weather and activities taken into consideration. So this trip I needed to be able to layer up to stay warm on colder, snowy days but then stay comfortable during a little bit warm days.

My little plan worked really well- since I had picked out a limited amount of options. I started getting creative and planned out eight different outfits for my trip. Once I had all my outfits planned I felt super confidant when I packed the outfits. Usually I would agonize over each I packed and try to plan out my outfits as I packed.

So having spent a little time before packing to plan out my outfits made it really easy- I knew exactly what pieces to pull out of my closet.

I planned that for travel days- I would wear my boots. Not only are they easy to take on and off- but they’re bulky to pack- so wearing them makes it easier (cause I love love love my boots… and they’re warm for the snowier days). Also I decided to mainly work with black accents- so I picked black flats and black boots (I used to try to bring both black and brown of everything… just in case).

I also knew that I would get a little bit bored with just black- so my third pair I picked leopard print so that it would work with all the black accents, but that I could also wear a brown belt with to break things up.

Then I grabbed neutral tops and outer layers coordinated so they could be easily mixed and match. I brought light camisoles that I wear underneath everything so I don’t wash them after each wear PLUS I have access to a washing machine so I can wash everything half way through my stay. :)


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