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Whole30 Cleanse : Week 1

whole30 week 1

Today marks my ninth day on Whole30. A physical cleanse is one of the two parts of my big 2016 cleansing.

I heard about Whole30… a year ago? Maybe more. It was something that caught my attention but I had semi recently at that point finished a month long cleanse with the Eat to Live plan and I had no intention of starting another one anytime soon. Near the end of last year I spotted the Whole30 book in the Target book section (go figure)- I knew even at that point last year that I wasn’t treating my body super well with the foods I was eating and I rather impulsively purchased it.

The book then just sat on my nightstand through the holidays (silently judging me). When the new year hit I finally picked it up and here we are.

If you are not familiar with the Whole30 diet (which I wasn’t before I picked up the book)- its built to be a big food reset button for your life by an intense diet of clean eating. It takes you back to the very very basics of food, and it removes all allergens from your plate for 30 days. Then for 10 days after it adds different categories back in to help pinpoint what bothers you.


the basics

•  No grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and legumes

• No carrageenan, MSG or sulfites (stuff found in processed foods)

•  No recreating ‘junky’ favorites (pizza, pancakes, etc)

•  No weighing yourself

•  No cheating

There are a few things you might be surprised to hear are off limits for the Whole30. Such as- honey, agave, corn, soy, and quinoa.

There are a few things you are allowed that might surprise you. Such as- clarified butter (or ghee), bacon, mayonnaise (handmade mind you), and even potatoes.


so far, so good…

Nine days in and I feel surprisingly good. Normally (on all previous cleanses/fasts I’ve done) I’m the biggest sour puss ever, and my long-suffering hubby can barely handle me. I usually don’t stop gripping about all the things I want until I’m a solid week and a half in. Don’t get me wrong though- it is really hard and I’m struggling with some hardcore food cravings. I just have had better attitude this time around.

I hit a really rough, emotional day my second day- but there was a slew of other major factors involved. Generally I would probably NOT recommend starting Whole30 a day or two before your period starts. I totally survived it all without a food slip up- but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

We’ve had a couple other struggles simply in eating out or in making meals together at home. My hubby would read off a list of ingredients he wants to use in dinner (like from Blue Apron) and I would have to veto more than half of it. I don’t want him to suffer when he didn’t sign up for this. So we’ve come to the solution that I just make a simpler, Whole30 approved version of whatever he is doing and we then just share the approved ingredients (before they touch his unapproved ingredients).


the pros

•  I actually found the recipes are actually really good and really flavorful

•  I found that I actually don’t mind a really good cup of coffee without any cream

•  I don’t miss bread as much as I thought I would

•  I haven’t felt bloated or overstuffed since I started doing this

•  People have been insanely supportive as I’ve explained why I’m doing this


the cons

•  I lost several of my favorite vegetarian protein staples as ingredients which has been rough- so at a doctor’s urging I caved and added chicken and turkey back into my diet to make sure I get all the protein I need

•  My stomach has been a little bit weird with the new meats and veggies, but it is an improvement though from before (and I hear its normal at the beginning)

•  I really miss popcorn and rice and having a glass of wine with dinner (currently my only cravings)

•  Eating out has been particularly difficult and a little nerve racking



•  Eggs are the secret sauce to this… I’m eating at least one a day and sometimes twice a day. I’ve started finding a lot of new ways to make eggs like this egg salad recipe.

•  This magical buffalo sauce that totally fits in the plan

•  That plantains are legit awesome- especially roasted with a little salt for when I need a crunch

•  Don’t start Whole30 during or right before your period… just don’t. I’m serious.

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