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Almost Perfect Period. Period Panties Review.


This is part two of me talking about periods- it is weird and a little bit uncomfortable to talk about. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable though- seriously. Every woman deals with them or has dealt with them. They’re normal and vital to all human life.

Now- periods are uncomfortable physically. I already explained some of the lovely details in this post when I talk about menstrual cups. But let’s quickly recap- periods suck. Tampons and pads are gross. Menstrual cups are an amazing solution that I have been using for several years now.

While using the menstrual cup has cut down my use of disposal products- I still would wear a thin pantyliner as a back up. It wasn’t horribly necessary- but it kept my mind at ease. Then I heard about THINX– this funny, frank, and down-to-earth company. I love it when a company is doing a bold thing- and this company is talking about periods (fighting to not make it taboo in fact).

THINX makes period panties. They’re built to remove the need for pads (and potentially even tampons). They’re moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak resistant. They have a top layer that wicks all liquid away into the thin absorption layer right beneath it (so you feel nice and dry).

They have six different styles that range from high-waisted to thongs and are all cute and sophisticated. I’ve tried the hiphugger, cheeky, and thong for a couple cycles now and I have some notes to share.


First of all- while they are a little pricey- they work. At least- they work for my needs completely replacing my pantyliners with my cup. I have not tried them sans cup during my full blown period- but I know some girls do. I wear them alone during the days leading up to my period, then I pair them with a cup during my period, and then alone again the next couple days afterward.

About the price thing- after doing a little math (it was just a little math… in my head) I figured that the periods pay for themselves rather quickly since I don’t have to purchase pantyliners anymore. :)

My favorite style so far is the thong- with the cheeky in a close second. The hiphugger was a little too much for my needs and I found them to be slightly uncomfortable (the lace edges around the leg openings were a little chaffing).

I did find that I had to go an extra size up with the cheekies and the hiphuggers from what their size chart said I needed. The thongs fit nicely though- true to size.

I highly recommend trying them out- they definitely make periods almost perfect.

AWESOME SIDE NOTE : On top of the cool and innovative product- THINX has also partnered with AFRIpads. AFRIpads trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads, turning local women into entrepreneurs. Every purchase of awesome period panties from THINX helps AFRIpads get reusable pads in the hands of girls who need them.

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