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Holiday Gift Guide For Your Men.


It snowed again yesterday! In fact they were claiming it would be like a snow day- it wasn’t so bad in my little area of Denver so I made it to work without a glitch. It was super super gorgeous though- the mountains looked amazing (still do).

While the holidays are coming quickly- I have a holiday gift guide for your men today. I find shopping for men to be kind of difficult. At least for the men in my life- they’re all nonchalant and whatever. I want to shake them a little bit- make them tell me what they want. They just shrug at me and smile. :P

So I gathered up awesome items similar to what I’ve given the men in my life in the past and a few things I’ve had my eye on for this year. :)

1 | star wars posters | shop

For the geeky guy that we all love- if its for your hubby find some posters that wouldn’t be opposed to displaying in your home. ;)

2 | color block wallet | shop

Every man in my life goes through wallets like… they go through shoes… which they go through like candy. A cool wallet is always a great gift for the guys.

3 | wood cuff links | shop

My hubby doesn’t wear cufflinks very much… but he sure does love have really cool ones. He has a funky little collection going on right now that he loves.

4 | beard pack | shop

Keep your man looking super sharp- and there is nothing sharper than a well-kept beard.

5 | an awesome t-shirt | shop

What guy doesn’t like an cool t-shirt? Maybe a hubby t-shirt isn’t what you’re looking for- but there are so many awesome shirts out there you can totally find the perfect one for you.

6 | leather satchel | shop

Anyone else on a Friends binge on Netflix? I’m not saying you should get your guy a man purse- but you should definitely look into an awesome leather bag for your guy to carry his laptop or other items around.

7 | geometric cocktail chiller set | shop

I bought my hubby a chiller set a couple years ago and he loves it. I love the fun shapes though in this one!

8 | funky socks | shop

Socks may seem like a lame gift- but with it being cool to have funky socks these days, you can get some awesome ones for the men in your world. I got my hubby several awesome socks last years for Christmas and he loves them.

9 | home brew journal | shop

Beer is some many men enjoy- and my hubby just so happens to be so into craft beer that he likes to make his own. He’s also meticulous about it- so anyway to help him be his cute, meticulous, beer-loving self is a good gift.

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