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Favorites. All Natural Facial Towelettes.

my favorite all natural facial towelettes

I keep a packet of facial towelettes in my bedside table for those night when I’m not feeling up for my full cleansing routine. It is really important to get your makeup off before your head hits your pillow- not only does it keep your pillow from getting gross, but it is also really really important for your skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself sans makeup while your sleeping.

You shed skin cells at night which rejuvenates your skin and gives you that healthy glow after a good night’s sleep (that and sleep itself). When you keep your makeup on your face while you sleep you skin doesn’t go through that rejuvenating (skin shedding) process… which do you really want dead skin cells trapped on your face day it and day out? That causes that dreaded dull skin look- no one wants that.

You really want to make sure you have a great routine that works with your specific needs to cleansing and moisturize your skin before bed for your day to day. I’ve talked about my routine before- but it has changed a bit so I’ll go over than again shortly. I have never been happier with my skin… this is the best routine I’ve used BUT there are several steps to it and that can be daunting when you’re crazy exhausted from a long day and night out.

Simply wiping off your makeup with a towelette shouldn’t be a your go-to every night, but there is certainly no harm having a back up in your nightstand to make sure you never go to bed with your makeup on.

I tested a massive amount of all natural facial towelettes to make sure when I wrote this post for you I could tell you absolutely certainty which ones were my favorite (I’m not joking- I tested about 20 different towelettes before writing this post up). I have four that I feel pretty confident recommending to you.

A problem I found with most of the all natural wipes out there is that they didn’t have much… umpf to them. They felt a little dry when you pulled them out of the packet and it took a bit to get all my makeup off. In some cases, I had to add a little more water from the faucet to get them to work well. Also I had some cases where some of them left a weird residue that I wasn’t a fan of. Now I don’t want to focus on the ones I didn’t like- so let’s move onto my favorites.

my favorite all natural facial towelettes - pricey options

Top Two Favorite | More than $5

There is no shortage of all natural facial towelettes over $5 in stores- in fact Whole Foods had a ton of options but almost all of them cost more than $5.

1   |   Burt’s Bees • Peach & Willow Bark

Not all of the Burt’s Bees towelettes I tried worked as well as this one- but this one is my absolute favorite hands down. It smelled amazing, held onto a really nice amount of dampness without needed extra water added, and wiped off my makeup easily. Also, I felt squeaky clean afterward using it- no weird residue. I’ve repurchased this particular one many times over already since I first started this little experiment. The only draw back of course is the price – 25 wipes for $5.99 from Target. Shop These Towelettes

2   |   Yes To • Grapefruit Brightening

Just as with the Burt’s Bees- this one is my absolute favorite towelettes from the Yes To brand. It is number two only because I preferred the smell of the Burt’s Bees more. Everything else about this one work just as well! Again- only draw back of course is the price – 25 wipes for $5.99 from Target. Shop These Towelettes

my favorite all natural facial towelettes - affordable options

Top Two Favorite | Less than $5

Let me tell you it was hard to find all natural towelettes for less than $5- and the ones I did find were fairly disappointing… except for these two and they were from the same brand (and I am a little bit unclear how ‘all-natural’ these two are- but they are without harsh chemicals and perfumes).

3   |   Simple • Cleansing Facial Wipes

No scent on these guys… which makes sense of course since it is not formulated with perfumes. They worked really well though at the task of removing my makeup and felt perfectly wet- but I did have to scrub just a little bit more than the others. The price is much nicer though then the other two – 25 wipes for $3.69 from Target. Shop These Towelettes

4   |   Simple • Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Just like the cleansing facial wipes in every sense except for the fact that the cloth is much more abrasive so it wiped away my makeup quickly and effeciently- BUT it was so abrasive that I couldn’t comfortably use it for very long. Definitely can’t use these day-to-day- but if you are using facial towelettes occasionally this is perfect. If you have particularly sensitive skin to exfoliating products I would be careful to use these. Again- the price is not bad – 25 wipes for $3.69 from Target. Shop These Towelettes

I was not asked to review any of these products. At the same time, I did not received any compensation.

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