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Grand Opening of My Etsy Shop!!

Oh my goodness. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve been crazy busy and distracted though… because I have opened up my Etsy shop this week!!!


This has been months in the making. I’ve been spending a ton of time- outside of my 9-to-5 job creating designs, researching techniques, sourcing pretty papers, and testing my process. So my evenings and weekends have just but super super busy. Then last week was this last big huge push to get my cards up and ready to ship. Plus… I was (as usual) just a little nervous to get it going (what is it about putting myself out there that scares me so much?).

But I did it! I feel incredibly proud of myself just for doing it… that I did this thing I have always wanted to do but always felt really scared and anxious about. Phew. I’m really excited about it.

In celebration of being brave and opening my shop- I’m offering 20% off purchases from now until September 16th (with the code OPENFORBIZ)!


I hand letter every design (and usually go through multiple sheets of paper- before I land on one I feel like putting on a card) with my Aquash Water Brush Pens and my Tombow Markers.

I sourced really awesome recycled paper- in bright white, true white (cream), and kraft/brown. I’m stupid excited about the paper I found… like geeking out all over it excited.




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