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Freebie. Father’s Day Card.


Oh Monday… I had a really wonderful weekend- it was really chill. Work has been insane lately- super fast turn-around projects and a large amount of projects. This weekend I slept in, got my nails done, did just a tiny bit of shopping, and just sat out on our porch. It was fantastic.

So next Sunday is Father’s Day. I think I have everything all ready for my father and my father-in-law… I’m going back and forth on some options. But I am all finished making their cards and I thought I would share with you the cards I made (for free of course). :)

I did custom hand lettering for the cards that I scanned and cleaned up so that I could then print out a couple rounds since I have two father’s in my life. :)

fathersday_cardfreebie_5 fathersday_cardfreebie_3

So I bought a bunch of blank unfolded kraft cards from Michaels for times just like this- that I can easily print out my designs on so they have a nice professional look. Then I hand wrote Happy Father’s Day on the inside. :) The whole process is really easy to do (read more to see the simple steps). You don’t have to print it out on ‘fancy’ paper- just as long as you print it out on cardstock you will be good to go.

DIY Father’s Day Card Freebie

Step 1.

Simply print out the card on cardstock- which you can then cut and fold and be done at this point. :)

Step 2.

Or you can tape the precut, flat card on top your newly printed card- using the first print as a guide for where to tape.

Step 3.

Then send this taped up piece of paper through the print again. Be very mindful of how you paper feed on your printer works- the little icon on the printer tray will you a heads up on which way it pulls the printer.

Step 4.

Carefully remove the tape and the card from the original piece of paper. Fold it up… and you’re done! :D

fathersday_cardfreebie_howto1 fathersday_cardfreebie_howto2 fathersday_cardfreebie_howto3 fathersday_cardfreebie_howto4 fathersday_cardfreebie_howto5

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    March 16, 2016 at 7:18 am

    […] I highly recommend you use Adobe Reader for printing these files. You can download that program here. The template is built for standard 8.5×11 paper. I recommend using a card stock, heavy weight paper. Just print on your preferred paper and cut/fold along the guide marks. You can also use the technique I used in this post. […]

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