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Weekend Mixtape. Ends of the Earth.


I can’t remember when I discovered Lord Huron exactly… it was a while ago, but not so long ago that I can brag that i’ve known since like-forever… ;)

He’s my current favorite. His entire song list has been on shuffle via spotify for the past like two weeks (hence why I’m not fighting it and being honest about what I’ll be listening to all weekend). Plus my hubby and I are going to take a trek down to New Mexico to see one of his shows coming up in July (is that weird?).

I recently realized that I can count all the concerts I’ve been on my two little hands. I didn’t have access to very many concerts when I was younger. I grew up in a really rural area… and most concerts that came to the larger town an hour away were very very very country which has never been my cup of tea.

My hubby tells me that it is totally not weird to drive six hours to see an artist you like and that he has done it many times… so I’m going to believe him. :)

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