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Father’s Day Gift Guide. Sort Of.

So my Dad is the best. Ultimate hero of my childhood and the bench mark for what I was looking for in a spouse (when I was looking). He solid and dependable and wise… you know… just kind of perfect as a dad.

He’s also impossible to buy for… I never know what to get him and usually feel a little bit of (mild) panic when his birthday and father’s day… and Christmas roll around. If you follow me on instagram though- you might have seen that I am tying a new approach for him (and my brother’s who inherited that annoying trait).

Drum roll please (corny?)… Care packages! Just a big box full of his favorite snacks- Oreos, caramel, tea, Twinkies, etc. Plus odes to inside jokes and memories. I should probably send a tooth brush and toothpaste… and maybe an insulin shot in some future boxes.

My dad was pretty pleases with his birthday gift so it seems like a pretty successful gift so far- plus it is really easy. Just take a walk through Target or wherever and grab a few things that you know your dad likes and wrap it all up (to be shipped or just to hand over).

Now this is just what I put in my father’s care package- customized to him specifically. Get creative! :)


1 | soft caramels | shop

One time we got a big bag of mixed candy… and my father ate all of the soft caramels out of it. All of them. We have never let him forget about that incident.

2 | lipton tea | shop

My whole life my father has been making big jugs of Lipton Tea. Unsweetened and amazing. Plus, it was always what he ordered at restaurants. I grew up on the stuff and think of my dad every time I have a glass of iced tea (which is pretty much every time I’m at a restaurant).

3 | double stuffed oreos | shop

His absolute favorite choice in cookie? Oreos… oh and they must be double stuffed. No exceptions. We don’t even bother buying them if we can’t get double stuffed.

4 | microwave popcorn | shop

Doesn’t really matter what the brand is… but microwave popcorn is a time honored snack in my parent’s (and grandparent’s) home. Watching a movie? Popcorn. Playing a family game? Popcorn. Just sitting around in the afternoon watching tv? Popcorn.

5 | tang | shop

Now… this one I didn’t quite latch onto- but my brother’s did. Next to the pitcher of tea in the fridge must always be a pitcher of Tang as well.

6 | twinkies | shop

A classic. When there was the Hostess closing scare the entire family stocked up on Twinkies for my dad… without even talking to one another about it.

7 | snickers | shop

No big story about this one… other than my dad would sometimes steal the little snicker bars from our Halloween candy, but we were usually okay with it. ;)

8 | mint milano cookies | shop

My dad and I can go through an entire package of these… each. The mint ones are our particular favorite.

9 | hard caramels | shop

He has a soft spot for all things caramel. It is that simple.

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