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Chesterfield Sofas Style

2015_0526_chesterfieldsofas1The look of a chesterfield sofa is unmistakable with its curving design, buttoned pattern and soft cushioning. It is one of the most recognised styles of sofa and is owned by many famous faces from celebrities to politicians.
This classic, practical, comfortable and professional design makes it ideal for home or office. The soft padding gives you a supremely comfortable sitting experience and the robust construction makes them a great choice for family homes. The professional style is sure to impress your customers and clients in your place of business and often, custom designs can be created.

You may think that chesterfield style furniture is only suitable for traditional interiors but thanks to a vast selection of coloured coverings you can add a bright colour to your chesterfield sofa, helping it to match your modern interior. Bright red leather is ideal for art deco or maybe you like the idea of a bright green chesterfield? Whatever your preference you can now add the type and colour of covering to suit you and your interior, whatever style it may be.

For peace of mind that your new sofa is of the highest quality, purchase one that will be made to order by skilled craftsmen. This way you can rest assured that you stand the best chance of your sofa being error free.

Keep your new leather chesterfield sofa looking like new by cleaning it regularly with warm water and a clean cloth. You can also choose from a selection of professional leather furniture care products, which can help to keep the leather soft and supple, helping to prevent cracking after a long period of continued use.

Why not complete the chesterfield look within your interior by purchasing an additional sofa or maybe a chair or two. Matching footstools, bolster cushions and topper cushions also make the perfect accessories, which can increase your comfort when enjoying your new furniture. Bolster cushions are cylindrical in shape and sit at either end of your sofas seat, giving you something to rest your arm on. Topper cushions are placed directly on top of the seat of your sofa for additional comfort. These can be made to match your new or existing chesterfield furniture, so you won’t have to worry about clashing colours.

What do you think about chesterfield sofas? Let us know your thoughts!

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