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Freebie. Mother’s Day Card.


I had a fun and weird weekend. I’ve had a really bad sore throat all weekend- and have pretty much completely lost my voice. Plus my car started acting up and the engine light turned on so I had to drop my car off at the dealership early this morning because they think it might be a recall issue.

But besides all of that- we went to my cousin’s play (which was really cute and funny) on Saturday. Then on Sunday went to the the South Denver Beer Festival which is always so much fun. I almost forgot I was sick- but my hubby did have to do most of the talking for me which was humorous.

Anyway- next weekend is Mother’s Day. I’m feeling a little bit stressed about my gift for my mom. I have to figure out how to get it worked out… but I’ll figure it out. I do have for you though a Mother’s Day card freebie. :)

You can print them out and just trim and fold- simple as that. Or you can do at a little more style with just a little bit more effort- print it out on vellum and use a couple brads to attached it to some pretty card stock. :)








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