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Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

And… we are back to dreary weather. It’s rained for the past two days which while it is better than snow… its sad dreary.

But mother’s are awesome- and mine is particularly fantastic! It is so cliché I know- but she is the the best mother I could ask for… she is my best friend. I’m embracing the cliché, corniness of all of it because it is true (awww). Plus, I have a wonderful mother-in-law too (who I’m really bias for since she raised the best guy ever).

Anyway- I gathered up some of my favorite gift ideas for all of the wonderful women in our lives. Hopefully some of them are unique ideas to help spark your creativity. For example, the custom calendar is a common gift- but there are unique and beautifully crafted versions worth considering. Also, sending flowers is a super obvious one- but if your mom is a cook how about sending her an herb garden? Or maybe you could really spoil her and pay to have some else clean her home. :D


1 | the prettiest custom calendar ever | shop

There are a lot of custom book and calendar printers online these days- but Artifact Uprising makes my favorite. They are modern and clean and easy to build. You can pull photos straight from your instagram account or upload photos just from your computer. They have a variety of available products (if giving a calendar doesn’t seem timing for May) that are all beautiful and custom.

2 | herbal green tea kit | shop

My mom is really into herbal tea since she can’t have caffeine. So this collection of loose leaf herbal teas would be right up her alley. There are about twelve teas included- and then two of each. Plus- some tea bags to steep the tea. On top of that the teas come in these cute tins… too cute.

3 | handmade recycled bracelet | shop

This is a repeat mother’s gift for me. I ordered my mom a 31Bits bracelet for Christmas a few years back and she loved it. 31Bits’ beads are made from recycled paper in Uganda with exceptional quality and sophisticated design. But the best thing is that their jewelry are made by empowered women in Uganda to give them an income and strength.

4 | tree of life custom pendant | shop

Birthstones are a classic mother’s day gifts- making it easy to represent her family in one single piece. This pretty pendant is etched with an elegant “tree of life” design while the interior is etched with the tree metaphor and holds up to three birthstones representing individuals within the family tree.

5 | amazing grace perfume | shop

Philosophy makes some of the classiest and timeless fragrances- and I’m a big fan of their Amazing Grace scent. It is chic and clean and pretty soft with bergamot, clean muguet blossoms and musk. They also have it available in a lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, and shampoo.

6 | delivered living herb garden | shop

Flowers are an easy and beautiful gift that shouldn’t be overlooked- but if your mother loves to cook maybe shake up the tradition just a little bit with a delivery of living herbs that she can use in her cooking? This particular quartet of herbs includes bay leaf, rosemary, thyme and oregano. Plus, it arrives in a cute little country-inspired handled planter.

7 | handcrafted tear drop earrings | shop

Noonday Collections is another amazing company with a story and passion like 31Bits. They source fair trade artisans from around the world that are providing empowering and healthy work environments. These brass and sterling silver earrings are handcrafted in Peru by third-generation silversmith who loves creating fine jewelry and empowering others in his community. He provides dignified work to neighbors in need, allowing them to learn a valuable skill and support their families.

8 | custom watercolour portrait | shop

I love Sophie and Lili’s work- I follow her on Instagram and am constantly blown away by amazing custom watercolour portraits. It is all customized to you down to the fact that you send in photos of yourself and your family in order for her to create something just for you.

9 | house cleaning | shop

I don’t know- but I think this has the potential to be the best idea yet. Through HomeJoy, you can purchase gifts cards in any amount to take the house work completely off your mom’s shoulders for a bit. What mother wouldn’t LOVE that?

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