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Exlpored. Spur Coffee.


A couple weeks ago my hubby and I went back to our old stomping ground near our old apartment, Old Downtown Littleton. We visited one of our favorite coffee shops- Spur Coffee.

It is this really artsy (might I dare even say hipster) coffee shop that actually offers work stations during the week for freelancers or small entrepreneurs. I’m sure it is a great and inspiring environment to work- but since I am an in-house designer I have never reserved a space and worked there myself (I might consider reserving a space for one of my creative freedom days in the future).

The coffee shop though- is incredible. The offerings are few and simple, but absolutely fantastic. I always grab a vanilla latte there (with house made vanilla… ugh… so delicious). My hubby usually orders something a little different each time- but an AeroPress coffee is definitely his favorite.






photos via Spur Coffee Facebook

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