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Weekend Mixtape. Drive Darling.


Tomorrow my hubby and I are flying out to Orlando, Florida for a convention for his work… I’m going though because its Disney World and I love Disney World. I’m not sure I can really claim to be an adult I love it so much.

Anyway- I have some of my favorite traveling songs for you to enjoy. I like to play relaxing and more upbeat feeling music when I’m traveling since it can present itself as such a stressful situation. I don’t fly very often compared to others (like my father… he’s the master of flying), but I feel fairly comfortable with our airport here in Denver.

That being said I still like to keep the music going and in calm tunes which is why I love spotify. It is really a life saver for me when I’m traveling. Plus- now with so many planes offering WiFi on board it is even easier to use. If you haven’t thought about trying out Spotify Premium, you really should. I love it and I wasn’t paid to talk about here. ;)

I think it is a really awesome deal to have so much music (except of course Taylor Swift… but I haven’t noticed the loss) plus be able to use the app while on the go. I use it in my car, through our Sonos system at home, and of course while I’m on the plane heading toward Disney World! :D

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