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Styled. Traveling Home for the Holidays.

Yesterday my hubby and I made the five hour trek back to my parents house near Grand Junction for the holiday weekend. We left right after work- so it was a late night and the passes between Denver and Grand Junction can be a bit intense in the winter months. We were just fine though- my hubby is a great driver.

When I’m traveling I’m not a sweats kind of girl… generally speaking I reserve sweats only for inside the house for right before bed, right when I wake up, and sick days. I don’t go out of the house in my sweats ever. Plus- I had to work before we left. That being said though- my road-trip traveling attire changes quite a bit in the winter months because it is usually very very snowy and cold outside of the car. Since we travel with our puppy we have to get out with him for potty breaks. Plus… merely getting gas and running to the restroom is a frigid experience.

So shoes and socks that can handle the cold plus thick, blanket like cardigans are my best friends…


1 |  cute tshirt

It can get toasty in the car if we aren’t keeping an eye on the heater- so its nice to be able to strip down to a comfortable layer. I love love love my J. Crew shirts- they’re soft and comfy for car trips. Shop This Top

2 | Thick Knit Waterfall cardigan

Waterfall cardigans are my favorite for winter travel- they are cute and comfy and can act like a blanket with arms.  Shop This Cardigan or This Cardigan

3 |  skinny jeans

Not as form fitting at American Eagles jeggings so a little more travel capable- but still cute and work well with boots.  Shop These Jeans

4 | Knee high wool socks

So my feet get cold on the trek back home… and these socks are my favorite with my tall boots. Shop These Socks

5 |  lace-up knee high boots

I love these boots- they are ridiculously comfortable. Easy to put on for being boots and when paired with wool socks keep my feet dry and warm.  Shop These Shoes

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