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Styled. Winter with Le Tote.

We have a mini tiny little blizzard going on right now. Its not really a huge deal… nothing abnormal at all for Colorado. It is a little surreal that last week it was in the seventies… but again not abnormal for Colorado.

Recently I discovered a new box/tote service called Le Tote. After selecting a few favorites from their collection and answering a few questions about your personal style- they send you about five pieces (three garments and two accessories) for $50 a month. You can get to keep the items in the tote for as long as you want- but as soon as you send back your tote you are sent a new one.

What’s awesome is you get unlimited boxes each month- keep everything for as long as you want or switch it up by sending your totes back as many times as you’d like in a month. It is super easy


1 |  Peggy Blouse

Loved the color of this blouse and was adorable tucked in as well as untucked. Plus it is sooo soft.  Le Tote find by Jack

2 | Karima Jersey Wrap

This was my favorite item from my most recent tote- if I wouldn’t have felt awkward about it I would have worn it everyday until I sent it back.  Le Tote find by Splendid

3 |  Sun CZ Earrings

Classy and simple- I thought these earrings were really versatile and adorable.  Le Tote find by Infinitine

4 |  Chloe Antique Necklace

This was another favorite item of mine and I wore it as often as I could. I might even request that it be sent back.  Le Tote find by Noir Luxe

5 |  combat wedge bootie

While I might not wear a pair of heals (wedge or not) in this snow, I thought that that my wedge booties added a nice edgy look to compliment the soft, drapey cardigan.  Shop These Shoes

4 |  dark wash skinnies

I love skinny jeans. I feel like maybe that is all that is needed to be said about that.  Shop These Jeans

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