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Easy Halloween Superhero Costumes.

Halloween is coming friends- and it always sneaks up on me. I think I say this every year… but it does. I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing together costumes from my closet with minimal items that I can’t reuse.

Usually my costumes are generic… lumberjack, mime, bank robber… etc (you can check out my post from last year), but this year I wanted to bring out the hero. I kind of wanted my costume to be work appropriate though… which is hard to find at halloween stores (you know… slutty nurse, slutty bat girl, slutty pumpkin). Here’s how I’m making Superman and Batman comfortable and work appropriate.


S U P E R M A N  (a.k.a. Clark Kent)  //  Pull out your blue work slacks (or jeans even) and a white button down to start a Clark Kent turning to Superman costume. How about some thick frame glasses, a red tie, and a Daily Planet mug to really seal the deal? Just leave the tie loose around you neck and several buttons open to reveal the Superman symbol underneath.

SHOP  // 1. Button Down (affordable option)  /  2. Superman Tshirt  /  3. Red Tie  /  4. Blue Slacks  /  5. Fake Glasses  /  6. Daily Planet Mug



B A T M A N  //  So cape jackets seem to be a cute stylish option this year for winter which makes a nice little connection to Batman! I’m going to stay away from the black underwear on top of the pants thing and just stick with gray jeans and a gold belt and some awesome black leather boots. A simple mask with bat ears and the comfy gray batman shirt will pull everything together.

SHOP  // 1. Cape Jacket (affordable option)  /  2. Batman Tshirt  /  3. Bat Mask  /  4. Gray Jeans  /  5. Gold Belt  /  6. Black Boots (affordable option)

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