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Yummmmmm….. coffee! I love Corvus Coffee.

My husband and I initially discovered Corvus Coffee at WholeFoods where samples were handed out. I have a love hate relationship with samples at WholeFoods. Love because – well – they’re free samples! Hate because I have a hard time not buying whatever that passionate person is trying to sell. I tend to try to avoid people handing out samples at all costs to keep my budget in check. My hubby teases me about it- saying that if those people knew how I was about samples we would be mauled every time we walked through WholeFoods.

Anyway… I digress. This time actually my husband wanted to try to the sample (cause it was coffee) and he wanted to buy a bag. He almost never does that… that’s how good this coffee was to my very particular husband.

Then they were at the South Denver Fest (which was awesome btw) where we were given a sample of the hopped coffee… yeah. That’s right HOPPED coffee. Coffee that tastes beer in a super delicious way. Oh… and its nonalcoholic which maybe a bad thing to some, but at like 9 in the am I don’t want alcoholic (okay… okay… I like mimosas but that’s a rarity).

Corvus Coffee is based in Denver, Colorado (that’s where I live!) so my handsome hubby and I decided we would stop in a check out their place and see if we could find more hopped coffee. I love their place- beautifully designed and decorated. Plus the coffee is just fantastic. And yes – they had a tap of their hopped coffee for my enjoyment. :D

corvuscoffee2 corvuscoffee3 corvuscoffee4

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